Volume Pills Review – Does it REALLY Make Your Climax 5 Times Longer?

Here’s what happened when I tried Volume Pills for 6 months…

Rated: #2

Volume Pills is one of the most popular so-called natural semen volume pills. Like its main competition, Semenax, it’s designed to boost natural semen production. The result of that: you’ll climax longer and with much more sexual pleasure. Volume Pills is an expert at doing just that.

Use Volume Pills For:

  • A Longer Orgasm
  • More Climax Intensity
  • To Shoot Huge Loads
  • An Amazing Sex Life
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Closer Sexual Intimacy With Your Partner

Volume Pills Overview

Volume Pills brings sexual pleasure like very few products. It’s topped only by Semenax – Volume Pills brings a powerful formula of sexual nutrients that help boost semen production, so when you ejaculate, it’s bigger, longer, and filled with more pleasure.

There’s a lot of that going around with Volume Pills. I tried it for just over 6 months. Was my climax 5 times longer? I didn’t use a timer. But it was definitely a lot longer and without getting too graphic, my loads were monsters. My partner thought I was a freak.

Granted, this didn’t happen overnight. I first noticed results with Volume Pills in about 3 weeks (which, ironically, was a boost to my sex drive and temporary erection size), but it took about two and a half to three months to really feel (and see) those bigger loads and longer climaxes.

The wait was worth it. Climaxes on Volume Pills were insane. There’s really no other word to describe what the Volume Pills orgasm is like. And fair warning to your partner: if she doesn’t like being ‘showered’, you might want to take a pass on Volume Pills because your loads will be huge.


Volume Pills is an established and well-respected product in the male enhancement industry. It’s a very good product and I would not hesitate to recommend it. The Volume Pills benefits include:

  • Much Longer Climaxes
  • More Sexual Pleasure
  • Huge Loads Of Your Semen
  • A Very Good Formula
  • An Excellent Reputation
  • A Generous 67 Day Money-Back Guarantee


I didn’t find many disadvantages in the 6 months I used Volume Pills. That said, I do note the following:

  • Takes At Least 3 Months For Big Results
  • Not Available in Stores
  • A Little Pricey

Keep in mind that all supplements will likely take at least 3 months to give the results you want because the ingredients need to build up in your body. Volume Pills is no exception to that. But the payoff of longer and more enjoyable climaxes is worth the wait. Trust me on that one.

Volume Pills Ingredients

Volume Pills goes heavier on ancient Chinese sexual nutrients than your average male enhancement supplement. It’s a unique strategy that pays off, with ingredients shown to boost semen volume along with ridiculous sexual pleasure and one that’s dosed for maximum results.

The Volume Pills formula includes these ingredients:

Solidilin – Boosts feelings of sexual pleasure

Ku Gua – This helps boost testosterone, which is essential to semen production

San Gua Mu – Helps increase sexual stamina

Dong Chong Xia Cao – This boosts sex drive and testosterone

Zinc Gluconate – Zinc is essential for semen production and sperm quality

Ling Zhi – Boost sexual stamina and energy

Tian Men Dong – This helps guys with impotence

Drilizen – Boosts testosterone and erection quality

Fucus Vesiculosis – This helps support better sexual health

Remember, what’s in the product is just part of it. How it’s dosed it another – if it’s too weak, it doesn’t work. Too strong, and their could be health considerations.

Volume Pills has been around for almost two decades. It’s an expert formula, and expertly dosed for maximum results. I am not aware of any side effects of Volume Pills other than some ridiculously big climaxes – and a whole lot of semen. Yup, that’s a little graphic, but Volume Pills makes lots of it. You know what you’re buying.


Volume Pills is a very good value. It’s not cheap, at $65 for a one month supply. But you’re going to have your best results with Volume Pills between three and six months, so it makes more sense to buy a bigger package. You’ll save more on those. Let me explain.

A 3 Month Supply of Volume Pills is $160. That saves you about $80 off the regular pricing for each box. But you’ll pay just $250 for 6 Months of Volume Pills (saving you almost $230). And you can have a year of Volume Pills and amazing climaxes for just $348.95 – passing a savings of $610.45 along to you.

Would you pay $348.95 for a year of longer and more intense climaxes? Um you should – and perhaps the free global shipping can convince you to do that as well.

My General Opinion

My general opinion is that Volume Pills gives Semenax a run for the money for the title of best semen volume pill. The 6 Months I used Volume Pills were some of the best of my life. You cannot beat the thrill of the anticipation of having long, raw, intense sex during the day, and then actually doing it each night.

Volume Pills will indeed put some very erotic times in your life thanks to that impressive formula and expert dosage. The product has a very good reputation among male enhancement supplements and it’s been around pushing two decades. These are all very good signs.

Now you’re wondering, why is Volume Pills the second best natural semen pill (climax enhancer)? Well, it’s very close. Volume Pills delivers earth-shattering climaxes. So does Semenax – and as much as I absolutely love Volume Pills, I’ve never quite topped the Semenax climax for length and intensity.

Still, Volume Pills is a very good product and I won’t hesitate to suggest you buy it. Stick to those larger packages, like the 6 Months. Better yet, get that 12 Month Package of Volume Pills, which gets you over $600 in savings, 6 Months to hit your best results, then another 6 months to enjoy some of the longest orgasms you’ll ever have. Pleasure ahead!